Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story? (Comprehensive Guide)

Are you an avid Instagram user? Are you someone interested in sharing Instagram content with friends and family, or perhaps keep it for some drama-filled receipts?

Well, asking does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story, DM, meme, or more is valid. And we have the answers for you!

Reasons Behind Screenshotting an Instagram Story, Post, or DM

Everyone has their own (mostly private) reasons for wanting to screenshot a story, post, or even a DM on Instagram.

For those who don’t know, media shared through Instagram stories tends to be unavailable after 24 hours. That’s why many users screenshot them because of their time-sensitive nature. For example, users are known to screenshot recipe cards. They also capture certain DIY content as well as arts and crafts to try later.

You might want to capture the said content to share with friends and family, for safe-keeping, or, if you run a YouTube drama channel, for sharing certain opinions with your viewers.

Why Does Instagram Even Have a Story Feature?

Instagram accounts are all about offering an aesthetic. A majority of the main feeds of several Instagram accounts have images related to the type of brand they wish to display. However, sometimes there might be content a user would like to share, but only temporarily. This is where Instagram’s story feature comes in.

Being time-limited, many people share content (which they might not on their main feed) via stories. The said content can be a short video, images that are different from the aesthetic of their main feed, a poll, and a whole lot more.

In a sense, Instagram stories help make certain accounts feel relatable to followers.

Are Users Notified When Someone Screenshots Their Instagram Story?

For all of you, wondering does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story? Well, some of you might be glad to know that, no, an Instagram screenshot notification isn’t sent to the user when someone screenshots their content. So, if you feel like it, you can go ahead and Instagram screenshot away as you please.

Also, an interesting note, Instagram did experiment with such a notification feature back in 2018, and you know what? Users weren’t happy with it at all. And that’s understandable. Many people don’t want the content poster or creator to know they’re screenshotting their stories.

So, as of now, no, you will not be notified if someone screenshots your story or you capture someone else’s.

Take note; Instagram does maintain an Archive. To browse or delete the stories in the Archive, you’ll need to head on to your Profile. Once there, you are to tap the three-bar icon (you’ll find it on the top-right corner) and then access Archive.

Screenshotting an Instagram Post Sends a Notification?

Thankfully, Instagram doesn’t send out a notification when someone screenshots a post. What defines a post on Instagram?

The images and videos on an account’s main page are considered a post. You can see these posts by visiting a user’s Home Feed or the Explore tab. Screenshotting anything from a person’s Instagram profile will not notify them.

Also, you should know that this social platform has a Bookmark option. It’s great if you don’t wish to download content to the device’s Gallery. Through this feature, you can flag videos and images to view whenever you want. You can even make separate collections for the content you bookmark.

You’ll find the Bookmark button at the bottom-right corner of a video or image.
You should also know that if you’ve blocked someone, you will not be able to see, bookmark, or screenshot the content they have posted.

Does Instagram Notify If You Screenshot a Story in DMs?

While you’re safe to screenshot Instagram story and posts, the same can’t be said for capturing content in DMs (or direct messages). If you try, you will be caught, and that’s a conversation many of us would rather avoid.

The issue here is the ‘disappearing story.’ In Instagram terms, this is the type of video or image that has been captured using this social platform’s story camera and then sent as a DM (to a single person or even a group chat). To let users know their private story was screenshotted, Instagram:

Sends a Notification

Instagram will send the user a notification that displays the Username of the person who took the screenshot.

Displays it in the DM

The social platform makes it clear in the story when someone screenshots it. You will notice a small camera shutter icon being displayed on the story’s bottom-right corner. It’s above the place you can read the word “seen.”

That’s why you shouldn’t trust any service provider boasting about how it can help you screenshot DM stories without getting caught. It’s not possible to do so yet.

Can You Get Captured for Screenshotting an Instagram DM?

Yes, Instagram does notify recipients if you end up taking a screenshot of Direct Messages. However, the catch is that the notification is only for disappearing messages. The term ‘disappearing’ is used because such images and videos are temporary.

If someone in your group or individual chat takes a screenshot of such content, the delivery status will read ‘Screenshot’ instead of the usual ‘Opened’ or ‘Delivered’.

But, do take note; there won’t be a notification if you take a screenshot of the entire chat or if you’re capturing regular images and texts beings shared in the chat. So, if you don’t mind getting caught, you’re free to screenshot disappearing messages in DMs.

Can You Screen Record Content Without Instagram Notification?

Interestingly, screen recording is regarded as a loophole for many who would like to capture content being shared on this social media platform. Even though Instagram will notify when someone screenshots disappearing messages, it doesn’t do so if you screen record.

That’s why screen recording is the go-to for many. Once the recording is complete, you can easily take screenshots from the video file. It’s super easy.

However, do consider a person’s privacy if you plan on using the screen record feature, especially if the disappearing image or video is private. Also, Instagram might do something to change the screen recording feature down the line. Let’s see.

Can I Tell If Someone Screenshots My Instagram Story?

As of now, Instagram won’t notify you if someone decides to screenshot your story. That’s why you should be cautious about what you share online.

Having said that, there are a few ways around such an issue. Of course, you can always make your profile private. Doing so won’t have an impact on your existing followers. You can set your account to private by going to Settings and then switching on the Private Account option.

There’s also the ‘Close Friends’ feature. Such a feature allows you to share private content with a select few while your main feed remains public.

In the menu of your Profile, you’ll find the Close Friends option. You can select which people to share your content with. Through having such a setting activated, your account will always ask with whom you wish to share content before you post it.

Can My Screenshots Be Noticed by 3rd Party Applications?

Well, the quick answer to this question is that yes, it’s possible for 3rd party applications to notice if someone screenshots content on Instagram. This is because an app running in the foreground on an iOS or Android device is capable of detecting button inputs.

However, then there’s also the factor of how different devices tend to operate differently. For example, screenshotting by using an S-Pen (featured in the Galaxy Note series) can be tough to detect.

Other than that, what about screenshotting using a PC emulator? Maybe screenshotting using an HDMI cable and a TV? The point is, there are many ways for people to screenshot Instagram story and other content without getting caught if they’re determined to do so. That’s why you should be careful about what you share online.

Final Words

Instagram continues to be a popular social media platform. Even more so than Facebook. And screenshotting, for many, is the only way to capture images and videos. However, certain screenshotting methods can notify the poster.

So, does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story? Currently, you’re free to screenshot public stories, images, and even chats. But, screenshotting disappearing DMs will send out a notification.